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The relation has location city is used to describe the city where something is located. It is used, e.g., for events. The description of locations by specifying single relations such as has location city, has location state, and has location country is not the most elegant solution, but it allows for rather simple querying, and it suffices for many applications.


  Has location city
AST2006 Dresden
ASWC2006 Beijing
CEC/EEE2006 San Francisco
Collaborative Web Tagging 2006 Edinburgh
Daniel Olmedilla Hannover
Data Collection 2006 Edinburgh
ECAI2006 Riva del Garda
EKAW2006 Podebrady
EON2006 Edinburgh
ESWC2006 Budva
ETRICS2006 Freiburg
FOIS2006 Baltimore
FOMI2006 Trento
HotWeb2006 Boston
I-KNOW2006 Graz
IAWTIC2006 Sydney
ICCS2006 Aalborg
ICFCA2006 Dresden
ICFCA2007 Clermont-Ferrand
ICSOC2006 Chicago
ICWS2006 Chicago
IEDR2006 Edinburgh
IIWeb2006 Edinburgh
IPTV2006 Edinburgh
IRW2006 Edinburgh
ISWC2002 Sardinia
ISWC2003 San Isabel
ISWC2004 Hiroshima
ISWC2005 Galway
ISWC2006 Athens, Georgia
IWI2 Edinburgh
IntraWebs 2006 Edinburgh
Joerg Diederich Hannover
KWEPSY2006 Budva
L3S Research Center Hannover
M-ICTE2006 Sevilla
MTW2006 Edinburgh
MobEA IV Edinburgh
OM2006 Athens, Georgia
OSS@WWW2006 Edinburgh
OTM2006 Montpellier
OWLED2006 Athens
PAKM2006 Vienna
RoW2006 Edinburgh
RuleML2006 Athens
SAAW2006 Athens, Georgia
SAMT2006 Athens
SEBIZ2006 Athens, Georgia
SMAP2006 Athens
SMR2006 Seoul
SSN2006 Athens, Georgia
SSWS2006 Athens, Georgia
SWAMM2006 Edinburgh
SWESE2006 Athens, Georgia
SWET2006 Beijing
SWPW2006 Athens, Georgia
SWUI2006 Athens, Georgia
SemWiki2006 Budva
SemanticDesktopWS2006 Athens, Georgia
Terra Cognita 2006 Athens, Georgia
URSW2006 Athens, Georgia
University of Karlsruhe Karlsruhe
VORTE2006 Hong Kong
W4A2006 Edinburgh
WCMHLT2006 Athens, Georgia
WOMO2006 Athens, Georgia
WONTO2006 Ribeirão Preto
WWE 2006 Edinburgh
WWW2006 Edinburgh
Wikimania2006 Cambridge
Workshop on E-Government 2006 Edinburgh

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