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If ontologies are the foundation of the semantic web, they better be stable


Welcome to the new portal on ontology evaluation! Feel free to add data, improve the existing pages, or discuss this portal. More information on wiki@ontoworld.

If you are new to this wiki you may want to start browsing the contents on the right. Editing pages works as on Wikipedia, but we also have a starters guide within this wiki. Be sure to check out the page about yourself (yes, it might even be there already!).

Mailing list For discussions etc. Will be initialized soon (by end of July)


How to become a member


  • July 15, 2006: First draft of this page.

Events see also on eventseer

Upcoming events: SEBIZ2006 (Athens, Georgia, 2020-11-06) Full list

Upcoming submission deadlines: SEBIZ2006 (2020-08-05) Full list




Also provide external link to bibsonomy.


Maybe a link to delicious or bibsonomy.


Also content discussion should be summarized and linked to from here.

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of these pages. Remember, this is a wiki, and it's on the web. So what do you expect? The truth? Well, we do formalize this stuff here, and most what you read here is taken from an ontology. So you could actually evaluate the ontologies the information is taken from to create this page. So you see why it is obviously important that our ontology evaluation efforts work? Right. Now let's get to work...

Do you think that items on this page are out of date? You can clean its cache to manually update all dynamic parts to the latest data from the wiki.
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