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Semantic templates

Browsing and searching

Inline queries

External tools

Semantic Web

RDF export

Importing vocabulary

Ontology import

SPARQL endpoint


Semantic MediaWiki (or SMW for short) is an extension to the well-known MediaWiki software. The purpose of SMW is to allow users to improve the structure and organization of the knowledge within a wiki by adding simple, machine-processable descriptions to the wiki articles. With the help of this additional information, it is possible to write computer programs that greatly improve the ways for searching, browsing, and sharing the wiki's knowledge.

This is the starting page to the full online documentation of SMW. More information can be found in the respective subsections of this document.



Semantic features require explicit semantic data to work with. Users can easily add such data to existing articles, as described in Help:Annotation.

Searching and browsing

It would not make any sense to annotate articles without an immediate benefit in using the wiki. The latter is given by SMW's features for searching and browsing the wiki's content.

Connecting to the Semantic Web

Semantic MediaWiki employs technologies that have been developed for creating the Semantic Web – an advanced version of the WWW that is all about sharing knowledge (instead of mere data) even across the boundaries of single websites. It is natural to apply such technologies to enable wikis to share their knowledge, and to use knowledge that others have published. Further information and technical details about those features of Semantic MediaWiki are given at Help:Semantic Web.

Using annotations right

Some documentation on how to introduce annotations, and how to choose the right way for annotating something should be added here. For now, read the short FAQ entry in SMW's INSTALL notes. Also, can be viewed as an example of "best practices" in practical SMW usage.

Installing Semantic MediaWiki

A guide for setting up your own Semantic MediaWiki is given at Help:Installation.


Bugs can be reported via SourceForge. For comments and questions, there is an active user mailing list that is also hosted at SourceForge (and there you can sign up).

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