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Germany is a country, that has Berlin as its capital. It is bordered to the north by the North Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea, to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic, to the south by Austria and Switzerland, and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. The populationm is 82,411,000 and it's 357,050kmĀ² big. Germany is a member of the European Union, the UN and the NATO

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Germany  Is a  country  +
Germany  Has capital  Berlin  +
Germany  Borders  North Sea  +, Denmark  +, Baltic Sea  +, Poland  +, Czech Republic  +, Austria  +, Switzerland  +, France  +, Luxembourg  +, Belgium  +, and Netherlands  +
Germany  Is member of  European Union  +, United Nations  +, and NATO  +

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Population: 82,411,000  +
Area: 357,050 km² (35,705,000 ha, 137,857.776 miles²)  +
German name: Deutschland  +

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