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FOAF is a RDF based Schema to describe Persons and their social network in a semantic way. FOAF could get used within many wikis for annotating user pages, but also describing people that have their own articles. In Semantic MediaWiki, FOAF annotations can be used as imported vocabulary. A list of currenly available FOAF elements is given below.

Using FOAF in Semantic MediaWiki

Using Semantic MediaWiki's feature of importing vocabularies from external ontologies, a number of FOAF properties have been imported into this wiki. Since is a wiki for the Semantic Web research community, we partially use the common foaf abbreviations for the imported elements. This is also useful since some elements of FOAF have a specific meaning. For example, foaf:knows can only be used between two persons. So if one would represent it by an attribute "knows", it might be used wrongly in contexts such as "Denny knows Karlsruhe" where the object is not a person.

In other contexts, one might also use less technical labels within the wiki (especially, if the wiki is not in English).

The following is a list of currently available elements:

For example, one could write

[[name:=John Doe]] has the homepage [[foaf:homepage:=]].
His best friend is [[foaf:knows::Jane Doe]]. 

to get the following statements in the exported RDF:

  <foaf:name rdf:datatype="">John Doe</foaf:name>
  <foaf:homepage rdf:resource=""/>
  <foaf:knows rdf:resource=""/>
  <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>

Linking external FOAF files

If you already have a FOAF file, you will want to connect it with your article within this wiki. This is indeed very simple: just write

[[see also:=http://the.location.of/your/FOAF/file]]

on your page to include an rdfs:seeAlso pointer. An even easier way to link a single FOAF file is to use the paramter "FOAF" of the template Template:Person which is very handy for building personal pages anyway.

See also

  • FOAF 0.1 Vocabulary Specification
  • FOAF Project Homepage
  • RDF
  • SKOS
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