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Ruminations on Turning 43

It’s not exactly one of those birthdays that jumps out as you as being the epitome of red letter days. Now 42 was pretty interesting - it was the answer to the universe, even if the question only made sense in a distinctly odd base. It’s certainly not “The Big Four-O”, not even the rather milquetoaste 44 with its repeating integers. On the other hand, its a prime number, numbers which will occur with decreasing frequency as I get older. Whether such is indicative of odd phenomena, branch points in life, or are simply difficult to categorize in the grand scheme of things, I figure the year should be a strange one.

The last year prime year, when I was 37, was remarkable for several things. My youngest daughter was born on March 3, 2000, which meant that her third birthday was on 03/03/03. Not surprisingly, she’s showing a fascination with numbers and science and patterns at six - she thinks like me, alas, which means she’ll spend the...

BioMOBY Namespaces

The following schema has been recently added to the SchemaWeb directory.

BioMOBY Namespaces

Namespace: http://biomoby.org/RESOURCES/MOBY-S/Namespaces#
Location: http://biomoby.org/RESOURCES/MOBY-S/Namespaces
Website: http://biomoby.org
Published: 2006-06-26T12:59:22+01:00
A series of identifier namespaces (effectively, data sources) for the life sciences.

[ Classes and Properties | RDF ]

BioMOBY Services

The following schema has been recently added to the SchemaWeb directory.

BioMOBY Services

Namespace: http://biomoby.org/RESOURCES/MOBY-S/Services#
Location: http://biomoby.org/RESOURCES/MOBY-S/Services
Website: http://biomoby.org
Published: 2006-06-26T12:52:10+01:00
Types of analyses done in bioinformatics.

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Understanding XForms: Components
I know, I know … when you talk about a series, it usually implies that the articles will be somewhat closer together than the ones for my Understanding XForms series has been. Mea culpa. The last couple of months have been busy, but a desire to wrap up my Firefox book (another mea culpa, if it comes to that) has combined with being fairly deeply immersed in the vagaries of XForms on Firefox to prompt me to write the third installment in this series. Take a look at the links at the end of the article for the previous installments. Please note in all of these that the assumption being made that the examples given here, if run in Mozilla Firefox, need the Xforms extension available at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/xforms/download.html. However, the examples should (in general) run in most contemporary XForms enabled browsers (a topic I’ll be discussing a couple of columns from now). ...
More on XSLT and (XLinq)LINQ and XML

Update: Credit where credit is due. From Mike Champions comments below, we discover,

Uhh, this really wasn’t my doing. Nithya is the XSLT Program Manger and has worked hard to make the case for XSLT2, Soumitra Sengupta was the Product Unit Manger who made the hard call to pull the plug on XQuery in .NET 2.0, and Anders is the one who laid down the party line that XLinq will not even try to compete with XSLT for loosely-structured doc scenarios that XSLT handles well.

Thanks for the info, Mike! And thanks to each one of these folks who have helped bring ALL of this into reality. It is MUCH appreciated :)

[Original Post]
mikechampion’s weblog : Why...

[ANNOUNCE] 4Gore.org Now Live : An Invitation To See "An Inconvenient Truth", And Some Thoughts...

4Gore.org :: It’s No Longer a Question of Truth. It’s a Question of “What Must We Do?”

“I certainly believe Gore should run.
“He is by far the best candidate for president in 50 years, addressing the most important issue in a century.”
Lawrence Lessig - From a private email thread dated May 30th, 2006

At the above linked location, you will find reference to the above quote, an overview of my own feelings on this matter, as well, and most importantly, a simple reflection on the importance of EVERYONE seeing “An Inconvenient Truth.”

I invite each and every one of you that read this, to visit the above link, and gain access to theatre locations and show times playing “An Inconvenient Truth”, as well as trailer and a link to a web-based ...

MS:LiveClipboard and Calendar Synchronization with SSE

Synchronizing calendar events between the web and the desktop

In a recent post to the LiveClip mailing list, Matt Augustine, Software Design Engineer on the Concept Development Team at Microsoft writes,

Today I presented a demo at the Supernova conference in the “Decentralizing Data” workshop, moderated by Tantek Celik. The demo shows how to leverage Live Clipboard and Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE) to synchronize calendars in both directions between a web application (Upcoming.org) and a desktop application (Microsoft Outlook). It makes use of a new technique, pushing client SSE feed state to the server via HTTP POST, to circumvent the difficulties of feed cross-subscription in firewalled environments. It also shows a tentative representation of SSE feed references in the Live Clipboard XML...

Opera 9.0 Final Released?

Opera 9.0 Final released - Desktop Team - by Desktop Team

Hi All
We just released Opera 9.0 Final on opera.com!
Thanks to all for helping us test the product.

Hey cool! A little “out from nowhere comes the final release”, but still cool.

With this in mind, and the fact that they announced they would include support for XSLT 1.0 and XPath 1.0, and given Opera is a standards-focused company,

A + B =

XSLT processing failed!

Huh? Why would it fail? I’m using fully compliant XML and XSLT/XPath 1.0.

Lets see what the error console says,

XSLT - http://browserbasedxml.com/SessionConfig.xsl
attribute at line...

Dear Microsoft, Please Do Us All A HUGE Favor and Convince Joe Gregorio to Come Work For You!

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Hire Joe Gregorio

Joe Gregorio has a blog post simply titled Hire Me where he writes

As of 10 O’Clock this morning I am no longer employed; being laid off tends to do that to you. The good news is that I can catch up on all those projects around the house, my backlog of XML.com articles, my editing of the next draft of the Atom Publishing Protocol, etc. I can even start blogging about the industry I was working in and the company I was working for, but only after I fulfill the requirements of my severance package.

As positive as that all sounds I do have a mortgage and a family, and they like to eat, so I need to find gainful employment.

Please hire me.

If you are unable to hire me please do me a favor and link to this...

Scaling Up with XQuery, Part 2
tile imageIn Part 2 of this article, Bob DuCharme covers the eXist and Berkeley DB XML implementations of XQuery, showing us how to use them to query a large XML data collection.
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