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RDFReactor 3.2 - many new features
Wednesday, 10 May 2020
Just in time for the Jena User Conference we release RDFReactor 3.2. Now bundled with RDF2Go (and Jena 2.3) and jREST (both LGPL). All you need for semantic web applications in one file. New features: Cardinality constraints, Inverse properties, more options
Next Wave: the Semantic Web Implications and Opportunities for Business and Industry
Written by Jens Hartmann   
Friday, 28 April 2020
SEKT, will be taking part in the Next Wave at WWW 2006, by organising a day devoted to the Semantic Web with a focus on Implications and Opportunities for Business and Industry. The aim of the day is to explain just what can be achieved today with Semantic Web technologies and where the Semantic Web is heading in the future.

24th May 2006, 15th International WWW Conference,
Edinburgh International Conference Centre
One jar to rule them all
Friday, 28 April 2020
Triple stores, RDF, Servlets - tame three Semantic Web obstacles with one library. Semweb4j helps.
Experimental SPARQL support
Thursday, 16 February 2021
RDF2Go now has SPARQL support (currently only in CVS, including test cases). Currently only for Jena 2.3, Sesame support underway. Ohter triple stores on request ;-)
SemVersion 0.9 released
Thursday, 02 February 2021
New: Persistent storage, User management
Subversion Support on Ontoware
Tuesday, 10 January 2021
Ontoware now supports Subversion and offers choice between CVS and SVN to manage source code. If you have an existing CVS repository that you would want to convert to SVN, make an appointment with us for the migration using our support tracker. Here are some instructions on how to access the repository. Newcomers to subversion may be interested in the Subversion book http://svnbook.red-bean.com
OWL to Latex
Tuesday, 06 December 2020
Version 0.26 of the OWL tools have just been released! They include a brand new tool, latex, that reads an OWL ontology and creates latex processable output - import it immeadiatly to your paper! Further improvements: dlpconvert got a few bugfixes and also an Integrity Constraints handlings system, and the shell got improved (but remains still heavily beta) Your comments are appreciated!
Visual Parser Generator beta 0.1 released!
Tuesday, 06 December 2020
First release of this Tool which allows you to create a parser by examples. Just start the Jar file which you can download at the Files Section of the ParserLernen project.
RDFReactor 3.1 released!
Thursday, 10 November 2020
Just in time for the ISWC demo/poster session we proudly present a RDFReactor 3.1. Just grab the starter pack and try it out.
version 3 released
Thursday, 10 November 2020
release of latest version with various (small) enhancements. A backport to Java 1.4 is planned and underway. Public CVS contains a Sesame-supported version for JDK 1.4 already.
New file-release property added to schema
Saturday, 05 November 2020
A bit of DOAP housekeeping, adding the file-release property into the schema.
  • DOAP Annotations for Java 5
  • SemVersion 0.8 beta 1 released
  • Sesame support
  • RDFReactor 3 - developer release
  • SWRC Paper
  • rdf2go (beta) released
  • Reactor3 is born
  • CVS web interface
  • CodeZoo launches DOAP support
  • RDFReactor CVS open for public/anonymous access
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