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Denny Vrandecic
Affiliation: AIFB
Homepage: at AIFB
PC member of: SemWiki2006
OC member of: EON2006
See also: FOAF

Denny is a kind & forgiving wikipedian who might not mind other people editing his name page for him, given the case, they don't put in blunt lies or subtle truths.

Denny is a Croatian researcher working at the AIFB (at the University of Karlsruhe) on the Semantic Web. He works in the SEKT project.

He knows Markus Krötzsch.

Denny participated in ESWC2006. He is interested in ontology evaluation.



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Denny Vrandecic  Member of  AIFB  +, Wikipedians  +, and University of Karlsruhe  +
Denny Vrandecic  Affiliation  AIFB  +, and University of Karlsruhe  +
Denny Vrandecic  Nationality  Croatia  +
Denny Vrandecic  Working on  Semantic Web  +
Denny Vrandecic  Works at  SEKT  +
Denny Vrandecic  Foaf:knows  Markus Krötzsch  +
Denny Vrandecic  Participant of  ESWC2006  +
Denny Vrandecic  Interested in  ontology evaluation  +

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Name: Denny Vrandecic  +
Homepage:  +
See also:  +

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