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this class. This is a class representing all cities of the world.

Currently, this virtual world contains the following cities:

  Area Population
Celle 72000
Dresden 490760
Edinburgh 448624
Edmonton 684.2km² 1016000
Leipzig 502053
Leuven 56.63km² 90143
Rennes 50.39km² 206229
Rio de Janeiro 1182.3km² 6094183
San Diego 963.6km² 1305737
Tromsø 2566km² 61897
Vancouver 545671

Some points of interest: AIFB, Alberta, Argentina, Barcelona, Barcex, Berlin, Brandenburg, British Columbia, Canada, Celle, Colorado Springs, Continent, Denmark, Dijon, Dresden, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Eiffel Tower, Europe, Fish, France, Institute of Law and Technology, Jefft0, JorisGillis, KULeuven, Leipzig, Leuven, Melbourne, MicheleBordi, Norway, Nurica, Rainer Wasserfuhr, Rennes, Rennes1 University, Rio de Janeiro, Roma, Sacramento, Sacramento County, San Diego, San Diego Simple, San Diego Zoo, San Diego de Alcala, San Francisco, Sandbox, Scandinavia, Skierpage, Stockholm, Sweden, Test, and Tromsø

Something really is wrong: AIFB, Dijon, France, Norway, Rennes, and Scandinavia

Note: instead of the deprecated "Is a::City", use "category:Cities"

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