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The following is an (incomplete) listing of many current installations of Semantic MediaWiki. The given numbers are approximate figures that might have changed in the meantime. The link "S" in every row will bring you to a page with current statistics of the project.

Feel free to add new wikis to this list.

Name Topic Language Accounts Pages
Archiplanet Architecture English   789  114830 S

AutoWiki Multilingual Automotive Terms English-German-Turkish     2    197 S

Bionik-Wiki Bionics German     1    134 S

BO Wiki Medical ontologies English     1     54 S
BusyTonight Free City Guides English    21  81063 S
CASE Wiki Case Western Reserve University English  3284    774 S
Centiare The Free Directory English & Spanish   292  29693 S
Chemistry Semantic Wiki Chemistry English     2     13 S
Defining Image Access Bioinformatics English     3   1771 S

Discourse DB Political opinions English     6     45 S
ESWC2006 Social Wiki conference wiki English    56    279 S
Frema2Wiki eLearning Research English     5    680 S
HumanCell Biology English     6  22129 S Israeli Nature and Hiking Hebrew     2    164 S Law Arabic  2678   2576 S Law French   953   2094 S

MathWeb Wiki Mathematical Knowledge Management English    42    214 S

Meta Math Wiki Mathematical education wiki English     2   1550 S

NeOn project wiki Project coordination English      —       — S

Nomicapolis Game of Nomic English    12    730 S
Northern Ireland Government Wiki Government, completely inoffical English    93   1500 S Semantic Web English   775   2605 S
OneWorldWiki Political and Social Issues English     8   2673 S

PhiloWiki Philosophie Fran├žais     3     76 S

ScubaWiki Diving English    33    170 S QS glossary German    15    344 S Semantic Web German    36    259 S
Semantic eGovernment Portal Semantic eGovernment English    13     85 S
Simile Semantic Web Tools Development English   647   2085 S
Simopedia The Sims 2 English     6     41 S

SourceryForge Occult knowledge English   272   1864 S
SpieleWiki Games German     9    125 S
The Bible Wiki Bible English   156  40000 S
Viget Local history, Spacing English    50    550 S
Wikible Bible English    56   3515 S
Wikicompany Company directory English   521   9000? S

WikiNietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche Fran├žais     9   1088 S

WWW2006 Social Wiki Conference wiki English    34     40 S

Organic Design MediaWiki development & experimentation English   300   2000 S


  • JurisPedia provides its RDF under the CC by-sa license.

Further known installations:

  • Semantic extension is now running for the Univ. of Amsterdam - Monday 03 July 2020 22:22 by email
  • Be Value:As an intranet solution for our knowledge workers, 300 users, >1000 pages. Will be combined with Be Informed.
  • Further semantic JurisPedia installations exist in English, Spanish, Chinese
  • Monitor Group in Cambridge MA is using Semantic MediaWiki internally for learning and knowledge management, for organizing information around sustainability and climate change and as a fraework for developmnet of applications used to support implementation of business methods.

[edit] Wikis planning to use SMW

  • City-Wiki Pforzheim-Enz, german
  • City-Wiki Karlsruhe, german, ~ 5500 pages, 535 user accounts
    • preview, german
  • free travel guides We are hopeing to build a sophisticated wiki for travellers. Already put google maps on there to make interlinking more intuiive but would like a more decent search function. At the mo mediawiki misses articles that are slightly misspelled and its annoying.

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