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Semantics to the people!


This is, the wiki for the Semantic Web community. Our mission is to provide a knowledge repository and platform for advertising events, spreading news, and announcing new developments. It is a wiki: everybody can quickly edit its content, even without logging in. So look around and participate!

If you are new to this wiki you may want to start browsing the contents on the right. Editing pages works as on Wikipedia, but we also have a starters guide within this wiki. Be sure to check out the page about yourself (yes, it might even be there already!).


  • July 5 2005. Semantic MediaWiki receives the third prize of the annual do, granted to software products that successfully carry scientific developments into practice. The SMW-team thanks all contributors and supporters!
  • June 12 2007. Simile's Exhibit toolkit now provides Semantic MediaWiki source code as an output format. It thus can also be used for converting e.g. RDF or JSON into SMW. Try it at the presidents demo (click "Copy All").
  • April 29 2007. Ontoworld has been attacked by spam bots forcing us to install a simple captcha extension. When entering a new URL on a page, you now have to prove your human intelligence in a simple way. Registered users with a confirmed email address are not affected for now.
  • April 28 2007. Semantic MediaWiki 0.7 has been released and installed on this site. Get it at SourceForge.
  • February 15 2007. Ontoworld now uses the (almost) latest developers versions of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki, so that all upcoming features can be tested.
  • November 06 2006. Further ISWC meta-data has been added. The readable ISWC timetable now refers to the wiki page of each paper.
  • November 03 2006. Parts of the ISWC2006 metadata have been imported. Especially, every accepted paper now has a wiki article that can also be edited for further comments and references.
  • news archive …


The wiki should now contain pages for many community members, either written by themselves or by others. The semantic features of this wiki also create a FOAF file with each person's page.

To go to your page, just type your name into the below field and search.

For an overview of the people in this wiki, go to the people portal.


You can find information about many events and calls for papers within this wiki. Using semantic annotation, it is possible to query for particular events.

Upcoming conferences, etc.: AIMS2007 SBPM Tutorial (Oslo, 21 June 2020), AAAI2007 (Vancouver, 22 July 2020), Workshops of COMPSAC 2007 (Beijing, 24 July 2020), ICCS2007 (Sheffield, 22 July 2020), SemDeskEng2007 (Dubrovnik, 3 September 2020)  full list

Upcoming submission deadlines: SAAKM2007 (15 July 2020), AWeSOMe'07 (21 July 2020), IFIP SWWS 2007 (22 July 2020), AWESOME2007 (22 July 2020), OntoContent 2007 (26 July 2020), FEWS (13 August 2020), KALS 2007 (3 September 2020) full list

Organising an event? Advertise it here by quickly creating an article! Just enter the event's abbreviation in the field below to get an edit box with further documentation:


This site is also a place to publish and discuss actual research. One way of doing so is via a community portal for your specific topic. At the moment, this wiki contains community portals for

Why not add your own?

If you build software, you should definitely make a page about your tool as well, and put up links in appropriate places.

About this wiki runs on Semantic MediaWiki and thus is a true semantic wiki not just with respect to its content. Semantic features are used in many places, such as on this very page: e.g. the lists of events and portals above are computed automatically from the contents of the wiki. In other places, semantic data serves as a basis to enable reuse in external tools. For example, the wiki employs the FOAF vocabulary in descriptions of people, and via RDF export this information can be evaluated in external tools. For more information, go to the Semantic MediaWiki portal page.

Do you think that items on this page are out of date? You can clean its cache to manually update all dynamic parts to the latest data from the wiki.
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